Smoking on that window
Is nice to begin though
So we outside sneaking out like we in though
Everybody watch me but out they call windows
Like in summertime niggers rocking the trench coat
All these niggers on the block
That's me and my Ken flow
Home got I locked from the States to Berlin hoe
And I like bumping trick rolling in my six flow
Yeah I bought it back like a fucking car rental

They tell me find a job
But a nigger cannot survive of a 9 to 5
Selling nicks and dimes won't cut it
And now a nigger buzzing
So I'm looking for a budget
Cos your sister and your cousin
Hear and want to start cutting
Until I'm noting, trying to get to the top
I ain't even press a button
It's nothing, pack two duffel bags with cash
Gotta work out my muscles
Take them to the dealer so
I can leave with two muscle cars
Eating mussels in a bar
Bitch, I'm so bizarre
So far, then what you can fathom
I want to be living large
No fucking strings attached
I do not play guitar
No more being lenient
I'm trying to raise the fucking bar
With a couple bars
And chilling fucking with a couple stars
Niggers know that the flow
Is harder than dried tar
My God, played daily on many iPods
And fuck around niggers will
Get split in half like a pie chart
My niggers don't play no fucking games homey
I'm driving persistent, listen
I got my own lane, homey
Ask them what they want
Tell them what we got
That fucking flame homey
Your bitch running loose
You better get that ho tamed homey
Got no time for these impostors
I'm smoking ganja
Patiently waiting the pasta
For the munchies
I see why these other niggers is grumpy
Balling but their bitch
Fucking with a rapper, Kris Humphries

Work day at a job, JOB
You need a job
Yo man don't think they heard you

Slow down P, ya killing them
Leaving them in the dirt from 11th Ave to 1st
Trying to make it to heaven
But still build up my worth
It's like I'm a drug dealer
Fiends looking for that work
Sex, money, and drugs
The root of evil but
It's what gets honeys to love
Till they bless money above
I'm sunning these niggers like
I got a tummy to rub
God bless my unborn
He'd probably grow up to be a thug
If I kept him in the hood shit
When he turns 16
He should be living good
Riding around without a hood
I never been trash or a drag
No Michael Clarke
Only time I go back on my words
Is when I recycle bars nigger
Shit I've been rapping for a minute now
So I know we about to make it
Tell my homies simmer down
I know it's been a while
Searching for that spinach now
Gunning for the summer
So I'm lamping in the winter how
Many niggers you know rapping now
How many of them biting
Off another rappers style
How many of them really
Gonna make it rapping, now
These fake Gs rapping
Red like they're kappa's, wow
Fuck out of here, you niggers phony
Don't deserve the spot you own
All my niggers died from holding the grip
Rest in peace my nigger Allen
Just a young nigger wilding
Till the pigs took him down shit

And these niggers wanna know why I don't wanna work 9 to 5?
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Get A Job Lyrics

Perrion – Get A Job Lyrics