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Super Floss Lyrics

Packy – Super Floss Lyrics

Yeah, ayy, turn my headphones up
Floss, always floss

Ain't nobody messin' with me when I grip the pen
I'm the ille-illest shit to hit this city in a min'
I'm the Bombay? Sippin on gin, spittin' synonyms
Sleeping on me dummy? It's time to get your second wind
I've been winning for a minute, you're not on your second win
You don't have a W, you reckon that I'm wreckin' it
I reckon that you're checkin' me out, I'm just checkin' in
Youngin in the game so they tell me I'm developin'
Hell if I'ma stay irrelevant
To these unintelligent benedicts
Acting like they know rap and they invented it
Wanna be a hip-hop head? Then get ahead of it
Either way, hater stay the hell out of my element, yeah
I'ma shine boy, you ain't getting none of it
Automatic with my 16's, like a gun in it
This is my town and I'm runnin' it
Ain't no gaps in my raps, they wouldn't be holy with a nun in it
Skip the hook, I'ma flow to the fullest
My words are my weaponry, boatload of bullets
Finger on the trigger
Mess with me and it's a recipe for me to teach a lesson
G I'll go ahead and pull it bang!
What's up, that's your girl that your cussin' out
You're mad she's at my show to see what all the fuss about
Front row in that shirt that she's busting out
That'll teach you to trust a ho, man shut your mouth
I ain't for no games, bro keep it to yourself
Why you wearing baby GAP, keep those clothes on your shelf
Hah I'm only kidding, but really though
Drop it to the floor baby, go on, take it really low
Yeah I'm just living life and enjoying it
Staying sucker free and it works like I'm employing it
Okay, word, I'ma kid from the 'burbs
I don't hide it, I just take a beat and ride it better than the herbs
Get it through your thick head, I'm a problem
Don't tie me to wack dudes 'cause I'm not them
Gon' tie me to my crew 'cause I got them
REFS in this beotch, boy that's the squadron
And I'm the emcee that ya slept on
Better get up or expect to be stepped on
I'm prepped with a pep in my step now, so step down
I take a big city, turn it to a Speck town
What you know about the kid who spits spherical lyrical circles
Around these turtles, guess I'll be the hare in this race
If you don't see me, you got hair in your face
I don't need a scrabble board to put a square in his place
You got a chip on your shoulder and got an ape on your back
I got my city on my shoulder and a cape on my back
You wanna step to Superman, you'll get a lesson, in fact
I got a message for you hacks, you ain't messing with Shaq, man

My shit is super floss, my shit is super floss
I don't speak in turn, I'm a super boss
Super this, super that, let's get super sauced, ayy
My shit is super floss, my shit is super floss, yeah
My shit is super floss
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