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The Exam Lyrics

Packy – The Exam Lyrics

[Intro: Moe-T]
Welcome to The Exam!
Please clear everything off of your desk and have nothing but your pens and headphones out
Hopefully you took good notes because this will be unlike anything you have ever experienced before
So Mr. Daggler you're first

[Verse 1: Daggler]
Uh, I'm the matador, I'm bound to see some bullshit
I'm on my own shit doin' 'cause my own spit
Your team all squares like the foam pits
They focus
Microscope bitch!
I'm like, "Bro, cool out you're just pissed 'cause
She wants the Mrs. and now she just missed us"
Reminisce us
We the shit cause we overflow with dope shit like the piss cups
Bitch what you think of me
I'm just trying to get my name out, pitchin' strike three
My team motto weighed down
Yo you're just something like a breeze
We 'bout to blow the fuck up, watch out for debris
Done working for free
Then go ahead make your payments
I'm writin' rhymes now to do us more than makin' up statements
They wanna live the life, stay sharp, cuttin' girls like a knife
I'm a dick about my money you can stay polite

[Interlude 1: Daggler & The Amature]
Hah, get it like poor lite like polite, whatever
Who the fuck's up next?
Umm I got it
Ohh was I supposed to keep going
I thought he was gonna say oh
But uh haha
Um, I got this let me try to get it right
Stand still

[Verse 2: The Amature]
Allow me to join people call me "The Amature"
I'm still shootin' out bars like a .50 caliber
It's just a line though, don't take it to a lateral
'Cause you never know when I might aim right back at ya
Hands in the air like you talking to police
Ho please, who the hell you think runnin' the whole scene
Black, Pack, and REFS rollin' to Moe's beats
Others kind of fly but I'm patrollin' the whole fleet
With both feet I be steadily runnin' it
Throw a couple back with your lady just for the fun of it
Addin' a couple of lines while I figure the sum of it
I got bread, baby come on and butter it
I'm on top what you whichin' to grab
Haha to these haters with my signature laugh
Steppin' out of the booth and they givin' me my dabs
I can do anything, something like an iPad

[Interlude 2: The Amature, P2DaHi, QTheBars]
Haha yeah, whoo, I'm all out of breath now
I got you now
Shit what did I say last time
I don't know somebody get em'
I got em'
Black Flip!
Haha just kidding
But seriously in a nice way

[Verse 3: P2DaHi]
It's like my life is a movie and I'm writin' the score
Hammer flow style, that hot and contour
I am just more than your everyday rapper
I'm the finish line they runnin' after all
The reason they hiding the score
I ain't talkin' about the REFS but
When I see the REFS all I just hear is applause
And when I wanna stop and pause they just beggin' for more
So I get a rush like a stampede
My crew's next so let me roll up my damn sleeves
And I swear on my soul, on my boat shoes
You couldn't manage the stress that I go through
But I'ma show you how the pressure took hold
The diamonds, or how your boy's flow is blindin'
I'm so refined man, whenever I spit fam
And now I bring the verse to offend like fish hands

[Interlude 3: P2DaHi & QTheBars]
A'ight so I know we got more beats so who's coming up next real quick
Oh this young chap
Get em' young sir, get em'
Umm, gather around, it's actually storytime
So uhh, you should like, cue the bars

[Verse 4: QTheBars]
REFS show, headed to the top I got my seat to go
Got my ticket off the interweb about a week ago
Swear I can't walk on water but I got a sneaker flow
Stand out on the track then run a train, know you see me ho
First class clean up your dirt ass
'Fore you bring it to the smooth team, you a hurt rash
Uhh we dyslexic call them RFES
You think your crew sick
Don't need some HIV, yes
So strap it up, they blatted up
Leave her then we'll bag her up
Never see your L unless you throw a Louie back at us
True I find a diamond certi' like a CATA bus
Swear I'm schemin' green like the ho but they just mad enough
Superhero lookin' for Wonder Woman, where
Not trying to make any waves, just trying to invade your air
Care I not believe that my suggestions are the best
You need to drop them players and get with the REF, yes

[Interlude 4: QTheBars & Packy]
Ok-k-k, scrappy
You know we stretch it out, taffy
The next kid is tough, mappy
This the exam where my back-packy
Yo, Q, I'm right here hahaha
It's four in the morning right now yo
I got an exam at 8:30

[Verse 5: Packy]
Just got my study on, time for me to school you
Studio lookin' like a who's who of cool dudes
You fools think your crew makes waves, ridic'
I take a look in the mirror and I see sick
Your boys ill when he spits his
Sixteens, yeah I'm still where the hits is
Lay it on the line like blitzes
Locate the Speck, you'll find where your bitch is, hah
This is kind of silly shit but really I be diligent
Killin' shit, tryin' to get that shit Gilligan if I ever chill again
I better have a billion stacks
I'm a fresh and clean cat like Brazilian wax
Poppin' off with your girl but we ain't drinking champagne
I'm bumpin' cartoons, gettin' pinky and brain
REFS ho in the black pack
It's the last lap
First place but I always get the last laugh, hah!

[Outro: Packy]
Moe-T on the beat
You know, it's a little iPad flip
I didn't know if you wanted everybody to know that, but, I mean, shit
It's chronic
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