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It's On Lyrics

Packy – It's On Lyrics

Fine, fine
All the way, all the way, all the way

[Verse 1]
Lot of people, lot of lights, couple days, lot of nights
Long time comin', makin' wrong turns into rights
I don't see no options at this point, it's on and poppin'
I been snappin' for a minute now and I don't see no stoppin'
Croppin' all my photos, replacin' people with logos
Couple years ago, I ain't see your face up at no shows
Funny, huh? Prolly smell that money, huh? Get a grip
You make it too obvious, I'm laughin' at you with my clique
I love it though, I wanted all of this
Validation for the work that we put in when nobody was callin' us
And just like that, shit changed for the boy
Who'd have thought a microphone would make a name for the boy?
And it's on, really ain't no turnin' back
Really got it goin' on, people slowly learnin' that
Man it's really on, ain't no lookin' back now
On my way to the top and I'm never lookin' back down
Never lookin' back down
I'm never lookin' back down

All the way, all the way, all the way

[Verse 2]
Pull up in the spot, everybody lookin' now
Used to love to see us fail now everybody lookin' out
Funny how all the sudden people knew it all along
People know the crew and all the words to all the songs
Know everyone I'm datin', my number and location
Got some family that supportin' now and girls that want relations
That ain't notice me before, I been here the whole damn time
You were wylin', I was writin' some damn rhymes
Now I'ma take it all and they has them promoters callin'
They all want a piece of it, I just peace 'em and keep 'em callin'
Started with nothin', I'm straight on all of you leeches
If you ain't in the fam', I'm chargin' some cash for the features
And it's on

Yeah, December 17th
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