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Feelin' Myself Lyrics

Packy – Feelin' Myself Lyrics

Whoa whoa whoa
Who said she can come to my house and start co-signing people that aren't me
Who said she can come over
She's up in my house co-signing you tenfold
She's co-signing ten fold bro
What up sleeve
Uh yeah uh

[Verse 1]
Y-y-y you can call me Packy, that's with a C-K-I
If you book me for bullshit then P-A-Y or move along
I don't got time to be wastin'
I ain't lookin' for wifey, no time to be chasin'
Only hit the bars on occasion
I rather be grindin', tryin' to turn work to vacation (that's real)
All bottles on me when we make it
I do it for my squad, they don't even gotta say shit (you know it)
Real dudes on my team got plenty
Chicks they Betty's, Brusques Pettit's
I represent Cinco Uno Siete
My whole damn scene should be famous already
I ain't sweatin' it, I'm on my next level shit
Put my bars ahead of Raqs like the president
Oooh, better than whoever they lettin' in
I shit on 16's and piss excellent so

I ain't goin' nowhere
I ain't goin' nowhere
I ain't goin' nowhere
I'm feelin' myself today

[Verse 2]
Crack the window, let the wind blow in
G-O and grab the OJ, get that Gin it's a
Process to be nice like we are
Say the right things like PR
Much to ill for the DR
More like the ER
You oh, why you still recording VCR
Badda boom, badda bing, girl you gotta thing
I'm tryin' to give you what?
No not a ring
Look you hot and you smoking like a lotta tree
Call you jackpot, then I hit you like the lottery
Uh, leader of the Pack gotta be
Lotta rappers don't, Packidu, follow me
No crown but I sip the Ginobili, Manu
On the Eddie House, I ain't Bynum, Andrew
All about a Iguodala, Andre
We don't even know what an Ellis, Monta
Haters, we don't even kn-Odom, Lamar
No cheap champagne bring DeRozan, DeMar
King James paper, Lebron though
I need my green on point that's Rondo
Deng a-a a-a Loul
I'm feelin' myself I don't know about you all (I don't know)

Said I'm feelin' myself, I'm feelin' myself today
Said I'm feelin' myself, I'm feelin' myself today
I'm feelin' myself feelin' myself today, ayy
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