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The Vision Lyrics

Packy – The Vision Lyrics


Please stop comparing me
I've been two steps ahead always, I guarantee
They all so aware of me
I must be the biggest thing that's popping there apparently
I just need some clarity, now I need a pair of 3's
And Ariana Grande to just marry me
I don't think you hearing me, I think I want everything
I think I'ma be this way until the day they bury me (Bury me)
Team only, I ain't happy just being here, rings only
Things don't mean shit to me until I share 'em with these homies
Same ones that had couches and they had whips
When I ain't had cheese on me
Groupie boys in my green room with that tour van, that's G's only
Posted in the back of that, couple grand in my backpack
I ain't shit, but I feel like it, last year I ain't have half of that
Speck on all of my snapbacks, I lose 'em all at these shows
Girls do the most for a souvenir and I can't say "No" to these choes

I been too busy living
Too, too busy living
Too, too busy living
Too busy living, brody they don't see the vision like I do
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