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Night Child Lyrics

Overdose – Night Child Lyrics

Running scared from a broken home
Looking for a place to hide
Walkin' away from a danger zone
Facing the wild side
How can you expect them to turn into men
The alleys and streets where they live
Are their only friends
Livin' on the streets is not a good way to grow
Standing in the shadows they're taught
All they need to know

Night child you rule the streets at night
And run away through the day
You know you can run
But you know you can't hide
From your own fate

A loaded machine gun in your hand
Is your toy as you play with crime
You challenge the powers of foolish men
And joke with the values of life
A blind justice send you to a prison cell
Now you have the chance to find out
What's a real hell
A dangerous hide with no way to return
The laws to survive are the main lesson
You have to learn

[Chorus (x2)]

How nice it would be
If only they could live in the safeness of a home
But crawling on the streets
Those little heads we see
So helpless and alone
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