This may be as good as it’s gonna get
At least until summer rolls around
I’m just impaired at being patient
And teaching my teeth to keep the words from rolling out

We’ve spent a while just trying harder to believe
That what we have is everything that we still need

With spirits bruised and bodies broken
We make sure caution stays out in the cold

As good as it’s gonna get
Until the heat can teach us all to respect
Who we are
The seasons change along with all the towns and friends
And Let us know it’s not too much to expect
We’ll stay strong
We’ll fight on

We’ll spend all night trying hard to help you see
That what you have is everything that you still need

We’ll build roads where there’s only water to drive on
We’ll be a shoulder when you’ve got nobody to cry on
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You Are The Champion Lyrics

On My Honor – You Are The Champion Lyrics