We’re not playing games
So don’t you act confused
Or take it as permission for you
To back down, sit it out,
Or not stand up at all

And fight
Like you mean it and
Mean what you say
And tell me what does all of this
Mean to you
It’s all fun and games

So laugh
Til you gasp
For the things that you can’t grasp
Like the breath to fuel the words
Or any kind of understanding
This game is getting old

So take your time
But don’t waste mine
Because it’s gotten thin
So I’m keeping what I can
The days I’ve spent have all added up
And created hoops that I have to jump
So we buckle in, leave the rest to burn
And keep on living like
It’s all fun and games

If you don’t want to be here and feel
This means nothing at all
Forfeit your life, throw in the towl
And fold
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Playing Games Lyrics

On My Honor – Playing Games Lyrics