My God, why did I
Have to wake up at all today
When all I think
Or am inclined to say
Is another reminder of the ways
That I’m not complete

The truth is that I talk too much
And I hardly ever say enough
Or anything of value
At least not like I used to

So can you give me a way tonight
To make this alright
Cause I tried
To climb out on my own
And help is on the way, they say
To make this time well spent
Oh no
I’m not giving in

So can we count it out loud
Calm my breathing down
And dull the words
That cut so deep and try to keep
These feet on the ground

I don’t know how it’s gonna be when I wake up
If I wake up at all

These fairweather friends
Tucking me in every night
Leave me waking up in cold sweats
Where I can’t find
A phone to call for help
Or the strength to help myself
But I’ll be just fine

People like us need each other to depend on
So can we count it out loud
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Help Is On The Way Lyrics

On My Honor – Help Is On The Way Lyrics