I come to you sweet darling
Begging on my bended knees
And if you don’t want my loving
Then tell me how to please

I’m not asking you no favours
Aint telling you no lies
I don’t wanna cause you sorrow
Lets just say our goodbyes

You’re a mighty fine woman
The best there’ll ever be
You’re a mighty fine woman
Is there a place for me
Exploring all the time we have
Lets take a chance and see
The future is all ours
Lets see what’s meant to be

I wanna give you diamonds
And bring a smile into your face
And if that makes you happpy
Then I know I have a place

I don’t mean to toil and labour
And to fight with you each night
Lets make up tomorrow
And try to make things right.
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Mighty Fine Woman Lyrics

Old Boy Network – Mighty Fine Woman Lyrics