I wake up early as the day is dawning
Make some coffee and finish yawning
Get my myself ready for the day ahead

I don’t mind if it's raining or sunny
Newspaper headlines make me feel funny
Some people say they’re better of staying in bed

I’m taking time to think
Make another coffee for my morning drink
Planning where to go on our holiday
But really really really we’re just fine
But really really really were just eine

Sometime the street outside is kinda busy
People starting work heading to the city
I just stand and watch the world go by

The city lights are still a little shining
Through the door there kinda little blinding
I think I might have another hour in bed

I’ve worked all week for another pay day
To sort my debts and the wolves abay
Soon have a house to call my very own

Now I’ve done my work I’ll do a bit of strumming
Learn a new chord and do a bit of drumming
Try a new song on my old guitar.
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Really We're Just Fine Lyrics

Old Boy Network – Really We're Just Fine Lyrics