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Smile A Lil Bit Lyrics

Oh No – Smile A Lil Bit Lyrics

[Po: gradually getting louder and slower]
Testing [x11]

I done tested enough
So let me show you my stuff
You know the name worth 'matic, father of three
Same thirst as the first time fathered a beat
And we display the art the way we want to do it
Leave up it to y'all to either cheer it or boo it
Ten times out of 10 you choose not to do the latter
And De La will shatter all the rules
About who's supposed to stick around
Or sound off over them drums to place some life in it
No Native reunion without the Ali, Tip and Phife in it
Don't nag me about it
Just know that the love is there
And understand that long-term music industry love is rare
Learned to face the game without the game face attached
So I get 'em off guard, they ain't even no match for me
Plug Two minus Three and never the Zero
Tryin to be forever your hero, here we go!

[Chorus x2: Pos (Oh No)]
You need to smile a lil' bit (aiyyo frown a lil' less)
Read a couple of books (and then smoke a lil' sess)
Get your mind right (but don't OD)
Cause overdoin it ain't doin it with quality

Yo, it ain't popsicles and ice cream
{Niggaz} get popped for trickles of ice on their necks and ears
But it ain't always violent as you hear and see
You can find a lot of good in the hood
Find a lot of keys to open doors to suc-cess with ease
I walk on hard times like doormats
Sometimes they walk on me right back, but I get right back at'cha
Like I ain't been phased, born and raised
In the maze called New York City
But the master of the maze is just the winner losin
Whether in Inglewood or Stockholm
I got homes to rest in with the breezies included
This is my day job that everybody wants
But you need to work a lot of nights to get it
Fell in love with it the first time I met it
And you can do the same, but understand y'all in this game

[Chorus x2]
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