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Oh Zone Lyrics

Oh No – Oh Zone Lyrics

[Oh No:]
See, way back in the days befo' I was 21
You would find me at Potomac, tryin to get the funds
See the days have not changed, I have not won the lottery
And still make beats, with quality and quantity
Pops did the singin, mom did the writin
Mad does production, Stace did the fightin
I was watchin everybody tryin to get enlightenment
Up to Oakland see my grandparents excited
Uncle John, Aunt Dizzy, chillin on the couch
'Bout to head out to 'Frisco, in the Jazz Lounge
I would see older cats, smokin and laughin
Groovin to the music and the ladies out dancin
Gettin in late, I never was punctual
I'm still on my way, I'm just tryin to get comfortable
Tribe for the vibes, Gangstarr for the raw
And Pete for the horns, I'd like to thank y'all

I'm so Zone man, I'm so Zone
I'm so Zone man, I'm so... Y'all
I'm so... I'm so Zone Y'all
I'm so Zone man, I'm so Zone y'all
I'm so... I'm so... Y'all
I'm so Zone man, I'm so Zone y'all
I'm so... I'm so...
I'm so...

Now here we go again, back for another one
The kid never stops, should walk but really runs
And chasin the future, chasin the dream
Bring the past with the new stuff, y'all know what I mean
See this jazz and this hip-hop, mix that together
Original, creative and clever
See what we do now, is just in our cycle
They just tweak it around and claim the shit's pyro
Word to wise we in line though, grindin like Perce
Cause I feel it's my time though, I deal with the worst
And receive blessings after, my man krs
Said who's next for the chapters
It must have been missin the form of disruption
Fall back into late 70's... Somethin
Right from the gate, peace to D. I. T. C., and the whole Hiero
And I'd like to take this time to give shouts to my bro

Madlib... So Zone man
So Zone dog, so Zonin man
I'm so... I'm so Zonin man
I'm so Zone y'all, so Zone man
I'm so... I'm so Zone heh~!
I'm so... I'm so Zone y'all
I'm so... Yeah yeah...

"Put your ear to the floor, you can hear that's fresh"
"It goes a little somethin like this" "Yeah, without a doubt"
"To let us into your skin"... "Hey y'all reminisce, yeah I hips to the hop"
"That's fresh"
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