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I Can't Help Myself Lyrics

Oh No – I Can't Help Myself Lyrics

Yeah, bounce...
(Do it, come on)
(Turn around) do it...
Yeah, yeah, come on...
Do it!

[Verse One: Oh No]
Yeah, uh, dear loved one
I keep looking at your picture and that can get a nigga so twisted
I'm hearing sounds of your singing girl, listen
Thinking of ways that I can try to stay and kick it
I can't help myself, my nigga's like:
"Oh you pussy with, you shouldn't get, tied up from that one trip"
But shit happens, as soon as she start macking (macking)
And I ain't even the type to start acting
So true, I look into and see my queen that be
That's life or eternity, I'll take it to the ecstasy
Without the buzz, 'cause that might be the death for me
And I'm tryna to show you some new scenery
Yo hold up, I got another girl but it ain't working like it's supposed to
I'm thinking of going postal (uh)
I need some space to think, like gimme coastal
Define Allah, brothers can't come [?]
So let me tell you something
You think you know me a little but it ain't really nothing
S**, talk, now who's bluffing?
I pull your card like I pull a towel when I be fucking
I send this out to any girl that really ain't fronting
Move with it, cause...

This is for you... (yeah)
Do it... Come on... (yeah)
Do it... Come on... (yeah)

[Verse Two: Oh No]
Yo, it's been ten months since I last wrote you
And shit ain't the same, I'm still in the game, remember my name?
I'm chilling like I got too much stress on my brain
Thinking about you when we chilled in the rain
Intoxified by your eyes, I'm not one to kiss
But your lips keep on calling me and that's bliss (bliss)
The way you move, the way you walk, the way you twist (twist)
The way you roll, the way you talk, the way you suck (hmm)
What you thinking?
I'm tryna kick it for the weak and hear the bad creeping
Yo who's that creeping? (over there!)
It must be Oh No with that soul freakin (over there!)
It must be Oh No in the back sneaking (uh-huh)
I'm unordinary, you so cute, the way you talk
Is like your slang got that ghetto vocabulary
We spontaneous, ain't hurting no intendinary
You need to move with it like we in the military
Move with it, cause...

This is for you... Come on...
Do it! Yeah...
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