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Vlad The Impaler Lyrics

Notre Dame – Vlad The Impaler Lyrics

Once upon a time in a place not far from here
Lived a prince in a castle with his lovely fiancce
One day she got bit by a bat and grew paler and paler
She died later that spring in the arms of Vlad the impaler
Outcast from the arch only fools dare to whisper his name after dark
Vlad is the devil, that's what they say but he is
So very generous on Fangs giving day
Vlad the impaler sings a lullabye for naughty naughty children
The time has come to... Die

Vlad has a hole his heart ought to be
He knows "the life at stake" process by heart
See Vlad the impaler crawls out his den
Like itsy bitsy spider he crawls back again

If Vlad would have a penny for every time he's bad
Then Vlad would have plenty but no no
Vlad has bad breath caused by tooth decay
When stalking his victims bad breath gives him away
But he was more known as... Dracula!
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