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Zazaz Lyrics

Notre Dame – Zazaz Lyrics

Always aversive
Doing evil in the sight of the lord
Judas among twelve
I'm the corruption of all commandments
I am the scourge of all that cures
The hands of Christ never heal

I travel on the scythe of the Reaper
And suffocate the skies with rot
There is no Hell which I am not
Unravelled incursion upon god
Forever persistence in what is absurd
Disfigured by wilful perversion

I blast through the soft flesh of cosmos
And beat the heavens down from the skies
I am ever more monstrous
Playing dice with the universe

I am the Void that shadows suns
I am the Black that swallows stars
I am the conflicting rhythm that quakes the spheres
I am the pulse of Black Chaos

I am nocturnal storm
And the nuclear blackness within
Eight rayed Terror unfurled
Chaotic Will over Order

Drawing all forces inward
I am the magical engine of occult power

I rejoice on blood and ritual death
I regenerate by fires fed with human bones

I am the Names upon which is called
Before the sacrifice is made

I am the spell in motion
The ritual words as spoken
I am a thousand curses
For a thousand blessed saints

Intellectual subversion
I am the door in the soul which opens on Hell
Chaosmorphosis of the holy spirit
Let there be Madness

Many limbs and many teeth
Arachnid Archon lurking at the Crossing
To swallow all consciousness without a trace

Weaving funnels from Zero to Nothing
None shall pass
Weaving funnels from Zero to Nothing
None shall tell
Weaving funnels from Zero to Nothing
None shall return

I reign from infinity to infinity
And I reign out of control
Uncreated Father of all things
I am the Living God
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