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Sabbat Lyrics

Notre Dame – Sabbat Lyrics

Take me to the swamp where all are gathered for the Sabbat, Sabbat
They move and move in a zombie-like trance in the Sabbat, Sabbat

The witch-doctor of New Orleans has abducted a girl in her early teens
Them creepy little crawlers drawn to the fire in the Sabbat

The swampy water cast a greenish gloom unto the Sabbat, Sabbat
The priestess read unidentified psalms through the Sabbat
Unsheathe a knife of ebenholtz then decapitates the voodoo Barbie dolls
The ritual proceeds with "Kill her! Kill her!" in the Sabbat, Sabbat

And then Lizzy Borden took an axe and gave her mummified mom another forty whacks
And a corny brat named Malachi used a rusty machete for his suicide
The monsteress from god knows where took a leap into the fire, lost her wooly green hair.
A stiff one who's spent his 90's swamped with his hockeyhelmet hair-do he began to stomp
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