"Uncle Chuck (is moving in)"
By the Nids. From the 1987
Release "Music to Detassle Corn By"
Lyrics by Sean Mccloud
When your father came home today
He said the worst thing he could say
He said make a bed and hide the Gin
Your Uncle Check is moving in.
Burnt his house down from smoking in bed.
Both his wife and kids are dead
Ask Uncle check he'll say he doesn't care,
He can get s** anywhere
Chorus: Uncle Chuck is moving in
Uncle Chuck is moving in
Uncle Chuck is moving in
He's a ture American
First day there he beat the dog
Ran your moped into a log
Drank you much and got sick on your bed
Then went out, said he's get some head
Tell you stories you don't want to hear
Watches T. V. And drinks too much beet
In the fall he'll go shoot some deer
But for tonight he gonna roll a queer
Burns your books with his bic
Brags about the size of his dick
Reads you things that make you sick
Your Uncle Chuck is a fucking prick.
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Uncle Chuck Lyrics

Nids – Uncle Chuck Lyrics