"High Class High"
by the NiDs from the 1987
release "Music to Detassle Corn By"
lyrics by Dave Peters
Druggies smoke pot and they have long hair
They're not kids who snort coke who's parents are millionaires
Druggies wear t-shirts and ripped up jeans
We never see their pictures in GQ magazines
Chorus: Money will get you high, with the better drugs it buys
The rich is getting high, it's a high class high

15 year old girl is a heroin addict
She steals her parents dope from their stash in the attic
Chairman of the boards says initiate drug test
As he snorts a line of coke from this executive desk
Workers produce less if they're chemical addicts
Which makes it harder for the rich to support their drug habits
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High Class High Lyrics

Nids – High Class High Lyrics