"Neighborhood Watch"
By the Nids from the 1987
Release "Music to Detassle Corn By"
Lyrics by Sean Mccloud
We've got to stick together
We're neighbors
You never know when someone's gonna
Break into your house. I knew it, it's
Happened to me before
That's why I got this gun
I'm not afraid to use it either
Just remember that next time your brats
Are over here in my yard
Don't get me wrong, though, I've got nothing
Agaist kids, I've got nothihing agaist kids
Chorus: Protetion of property is common sense
Kill everybody in self-defense
So keep your frisbee off that lot
Or you'll get caugt by the neighborhood watch
Damn yound punks. I fought in a war
For those bastards and what'll they do>
Fuck'in rob you of everything you got
Well, they'll be surprised next time
They try anything
This baby's loaded and just waiting
For some bastard to even act like he's
Gonna break in, I'll fill his guts
With lead
Just make sure those damn brats of your
Aren't messin around my yard or they might get it too
But don't get me wrong, I've got nothing
Agaist kids, I've got nothing agaist kids
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Neighborhood Watch Lyrics

Nids – Neighborhood Watch Lyrics