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The Fire Lyrics

Nick Grant – The Fire Lyrics

Yea uh
You know I’m from the bottom for real
Seen it all baby
Uh I don’t think you understand

[Verse 1]
Uh ghetto life serves sandwich and sugar and water
Thinking how could a father forget his daughter
Love is just beautiful I’m just trying to get through to you
Life's a bitch I just tell her give me the usual
I spit the type of shit nigga won’t play at their funeral
Rapping to the sounds of gunshot my hood is musical
The memories are lengthy as long as you know
The flow is like that stuck up bitches
At school you nerds don’t come close
They use to play the streets mean while
His homies play the D1
They both dribble rock they both got a play you can see up
Yea we from the ghetto we don’t know nothing but be us
Nappy head ragged gear been no free lunch
I am different from other rappers
I was living so rapid when you live with no passion that is
Like living in sadness we are young and we black
Adapting to equipment so no tactics so stop calling me nigga
Cause I take pride in my blackness this is the fire

Getting harder
Harder harder
Is there fire in me (is there fire in me )
It get sweeter and sweeter
Like one two three I can make up these plan
I can’t stay away
Saying yea yea

[Verse 2]
Yea peels and puff the weed and dust
No we can’t feel our faces
In the trap we crush it that’s a hustler's conversation
Pimps and sluts addicted to the lust can’t duck temptation
Man this double cup is fucking up my generation
Remember when you told me I will never make your play list
Remember when you told me other niggas was your favorite
Remember when I told you niggas I will be the greatest
I popped up on those niggas like a state farm agent
Still I’m like a plus size model I get figures up
Yet they saying I don’t live cause I don’t do live enough
This is puff leaving uptown I’m onto some bigger stuff
Niggas laughing when I was down force withicaer
I get my art God this world ain’t ready for me
You see the real niggas when ever their jealousy peek
Believe nothing that I heard
Believe half that I seen
Can’t breathe life in my before police show they
Choke us dead in the streets
Until there is fire

Getting harder
Harder harder
Is there fire in me (is there fire in me )
It get sweeter and sweeter
Like one two three I can make up these plan
I can’t stay away
Saying yea yea

[Verse 3]
Ladies and gentlemen thank you for coming out
It’s been a pleasure
First and foremost I would like to thank God man for
Watching over us and protecting me
My momma
My grand mother
I would not be the man I am today without you God
Like to thank the whole coach and the public team
My nigga Jason Geda
I never told you this before but nigga you saved my life
Shackle what up Tony O
My nigga Steve
OG big Greg
I appreciate ya’ll nigga friendship man
Man you let me know when I’m slipping
My nigga dime on the boards
You have to rain the magic man
Thanks to everybody that was apart of this project
I appreciate it
I owe you guys my life
The homie BS
Big K.R.I.T
So hard to press
My nigga Jerome
Stay smart
Killer Mike
Dj viral kid man
BJ The Chicago Kid That boy so soulful
Tameka Hope
She does lovely with the PR rary
Shout out my man Ammeal
I appreciate the support of my brothers
Shout out mom for helping me along the way
I really appreciate that
Got some stories man
Yea shout out to everybody that doubted
Everybody that ain’t believed
It’s just getting you some fuel
Started this long time ago
I use to hold the mike
Use to hold the mike to the PC speakers you know
Just get my thoughts out you know man I appreciate it
I came along way
And thank you the people for listening
It’s love my nigga at the top
Shout you out on record that’s better than an IG post my nigga
Peace 88
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