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Nobody (Biggie Tribute) Lyrics

Nick Grant – Nobody (Biggie Tribute) Lyrics

[Verse 1: Nick Grant]
This is how you gotta sound for 3 Thou to respect it
A Style like the brother Nas, meshed with
A revolutionary with a death wish, Muah! Heres a blessing
Niggas dropping dimes, like when i split with my ex-bitch
The Time is now, you just got her
Man, I taught hoes line for line
I'm the barcode, Narco, Shout "I Shine!"
Think I'm Michael with the large nose
Shorty with the watch, she's got me in mob mode
Marlon Brando, Set the date, i bet you cancel
Funky, go check the hamper, go hard like clearing samples
Nigga Please bear witness, I'm on my Grizzly
I pray the lord forever with me, a slimmer Biggie
Range colored gray, like a gloomy day, OK
Fast Life, Diamond Chain, causing blur, Otay
Since a young buck turning tricks, Cirque du Soleil
Cold-Hearted, got the shivers we ain't selling [no shake]
There's no way around it im that nigga, uh
The lyrical album feel a thriller, uh
I promise your album feel a filler
You no King, boy, we question your style, you like The Riddler (ha!)
Not the shooter, but rolling with well known shottas
All black whips that look like we [cloned shabba]
From the struggle, single mother, no poppa
Give a fuck if they real sisters, go home Roger


Youre Nobody, till somebody, feels you
Youre Nobody, till somebody, feels you

[Verse 2: Nick Grant]

You ain't talking my speed then move along
For cheese niggas squeeze, like crackers in uniform
Ride coupes, sunroof, bald spot, like who Lebron?
Smooches for the ring, new King truly a Don, uh
Bless my fools, Fresh my clothes, think of baby mama drama when the tek's unload
You can have her if you bag her hope your swagger Mick Jagger
Boy we cakin you forgot the main shit in your batter
Bring Backup, lyrically none of them messing with me
Riding with some Queens like bumping the best of 50
You gotta watch how 12 play, Im feeling pissy
She came late, allmost got ate like 7:50
Classy, i know my teachers dissapointed
Thoguht i would be nothing,mommas youngest must be double jointed
Got me twisted, If i ain't the shit i must've missed this
Sadistic, cancel Christmas, still on her wish list
Fuck Police, I creeps and ducks the law
Everybodys a ho, Karma fucks us all
[Third strapping], can't imagine what the lust must cost
Niggas tricky with they green like it's putt putt golf
Scorcesi, or you could face off with these Gold Desi's (Blah!)
I pull out quicker than "Daddy's Home", shatter bones
Then i skirt off on rally chrome,fast buck
Shit get scary, Jim Carey for green they mask up (Blah!)


Youre Nobody, till somebody, feels you
Youre Nobody, till somebody, feels you
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