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Demolition Lyrics

Nick Grant – Demolition Lyrics

Babygirl you take me out my comfort zone
Got me out here acting like its nothing wrong
Meanwhile they bite my style like a cover song
Kick game like a baby with some uppers on
Girl you tighter than loving arms, some others don't
Yeah darling, my heart's calling, pick up the phone
It's easy to put me on thuggish ruggish bone
Pull up and honk the horn, you left me out in the rain
House party Sharane, not a kid I ain't playin
Not a playa no mo', pun intended
'cause I indulge in monogamous things
I do not entertain other women when feelings involved
Ain't trying to have you saying that all niggas are dogs
Chained to a tree might as as well give em a bark
A sip of this alcohol
Could make me act a little different bring out my flaws
Then she's out she's gone, sleeping on couches aww
There goes my back again as I back out garages
Nauseous, sick to my stomach should've put up a fight
I think if you with me you might have a better life
She said I'm too alive to go with some dead advice
And all these pussy niggas man I might as well go dyke
Right, you only turning me on
Bad like when the pastor got the sermon, I'm snoring
In the back of church, granny nudging me with certs in her palm
Like "did you catch the word in the Psalms?"
Hmm, nah
Drawn to more than your surface you glowing
Shine like your inner thoughts they throwing shade in they room
Holiness, hope you could run faster it's the thrill of the chase, forever young uh
Your skin is like cantaloupe, signature melanin
Darker skin on the grapes lips are the antidote
Give your beginnings to me, I'll pop your cherry
These are the fruits of my labor, niggas are jealous
I believe you can fly, seems like you're ready
You were a joint since Akinyele had the hit
But how am I not a phenom already?
Harder to deal with than problems in the ghetto
Gassing up for the guilt trip, you walking in Giuseppe
Please turn of the kill switch, your body looking deadly
How treat a woman I got my schooling from Makaveli
And my grandpa, despite what society would try to tell me
You should stop already
Before we crash and us colliding is not Progressive
She told me you tried but didn't try enough
Cranes in the sky, let's work on the higher ups, lust

[Hook: Solange]
Yeah it's like cranes in the sky
Sometimes i dont wanna feel those metal...
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