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Somethin To Say Lyrics

Nick Grant – Somethin To Say Lyrics

[Intro: Andre 3000]
I’m tired of folks. You know what I’m sayin
Closed minded folks, you know what I’m sayin
It’s like we got a demo tape and don’t nobody wanna hear it
But it’s like this, the South got something to say
That’s all I got to say

[Verse 1: Nick Grant]
Bad bitches wanna fuck me cause I sing songs
Got an ebony queen, a Philippine jawn
I tell her to open it up like the theme song
I ain’t with the back and forth keep the ping pong
Walking around with the pound like I’m King Kong
Boy I’m off the hook, I ain't talkin' 'bout Kareem's arms
Cooking up the coke, baby I can bring a fiend calm
If the shoe fits, buy the shirt, put the jeans on
And the flow is murderous, cancer to the cervixes
You gone make me steal on the pussy cat burglary
We was jumping off the porch, mama still was burping you
All my bitches in shape, no squares in my circular
Ain’t shit sweet, but you looking like dessert to us
Recruit a bad bitch make her think she joined the services
Tell them that the sky is kind of shaky check for turbulence
Ain’t nobody snitching get your news from Ron Burgandy
You heard me this is no love, I get cold feet
It’s a cold world, I need both sheets
You’ll never slow me down, fuck the codeine
Man I’m on top of the game, just check the nosebleed
Nobody hotter, Serge Ibaka, I'll be back to the block
Career killer nigga you gone get your manager shot
Man that young nigga dope, it’s a habit to rock
Make me pop up on a square like Jack in a box
Man you know how we go, fuck you mad at me for
I wish a nigga would, will invest in Home Depot
In the game of life I’m just trying to find a cheat code
Niggas sell their soul, but we got this shit for cheap though
Your style need repo, if you ask me flow ugly but I’m handsome
Beauty and the beast mode
Hustle like a D-boy, swagger match the decore
Smash the competition, then we drag them by the seashore
Industry in trouble, we gone bubble like a keloid
Sharper than a deacon, please tell the preacher, preach on
I be on the move, this is the real detour
Niggas buying snow like they tryin to build a ski course
Career like a seesaw, hundred round each man that’s how they turn the beef off
Better take a detour
Fuck the world , keep whorin
Quit worrying bout what we doing
Know some happy killers, you in danger when they teeth showing
Man that nigga nice, man that nigga like
Nobody you ever seen, there’s nobody in sight
There is no way to describe, the pressure I apply
I’m just hot, you should rid of all the devils in your life
Settle, why? never underestimate the mellow guy
Get the drop on a nigga 411 Mary Blige
Flowing off the chain like a ghetto Pedal Bike
Can’t walk in my shoes, when niggas step aside
Life is a box of chocolate up under vanilla skies
With all these false prophets, approaching with jealous vibes
Marry to the hustle, say hello to the bride
Bitches are indecisive, tell me what is your vice
Niggas with big stacks, clubbing and hella likes
Women are on my mind, independent the grind
This is the end of times, intervention divine, its 88 the revolution will be televised
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