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Operation F.O.B Ft. Che Fu Lyrics

Nesian Mystik – Operation F.O.B Ft. Che Fu Lyrics

(Che Fu)
Nesian Mystik
(Te Awanui)
Yeeah yeeah, Ohh
(Che Fu)
Going out to all those kats that shifted
C-Fu Villajah the bridge ain't over
Token Villajah and back c'mon

(Che fu and Te Awanui)
City boys (city boys)
Country girls (country girls
Throw it down on time (on time on time)
City girls (city girls)
Country boys (country boys)
Keep it you N I T Y

*Verse 1*
Oh no, watch out, Whats that? Watch yourself
Watch your step, watch your back, as a matter of fact
Who could it be, can you see, maybe
Tell me it looks like surprise coconuts from the city
(Greylynn, ponsonby)
Getting chopped in shop, non-stop when we rock op fob
(Central city)
Pay attention, or you might miss
The mystik villajah dropping ish
With ula hammer influence rhymes with the lyrical
Parktake rotation up here I go, hand strong grab
Mind set back, ash
(Living in the city ain't so bad)
Jandals to the pavement, coco urban dialects
Sky scrappers transform, to palm trees from the islands
Head phones attached with the bunga flax pack
Vibing out the fresh connection by word of mouth
The brown complextion a villajah intersection
Like flee markets forming a tropical collective
The poly-wave ain't changed we remain right here
Still roots in Grey Lynn arch dynasty atmosphere
Live by kava-bowl C-Fu within your sector
The hibiscus sent resonating to receptors
Nesian platoon infiltrating the C. B. D
The Central Bungafied dialects city M. C's


(Te Awanui and Che Fu)
Country girls best to do your thing,
City boys best to run them things
City girls always stand their ground,
Country boys hold it down

*Verse 2*
This me operation, this me mystik way
Fob by definition, get out me way
Aotearoa born, Kingdom mc organic urban villajah
Money back guarentee
No frills can you taste this, we keep the basics
Polysaturated flavours from the basement
I represent all klans from Auckland
Occasionally ride horse back with the horseman
We keep it hotter than to grannies in a bake off
Wearing tank tops, hanging half off, matched with fluoro pink thongs
Set up base camp so we adjust to the format
Nesian epic struggle, the pinnicle service rap


*Beat change...)

(Che fu)
Create a new avenue, show kats we can handle
Poly hiphop we keep it hot like umu rocks
Substansial knowledge of Origin definitely
Top of the list for this linguist (crazy)
Villajahs dominating mics all night
C-Fu Nesian Mystiks we go the distance
Auckland city central horified coconuts
Hooligan, fly headphones, with bass booming

Making movement
Like side to side
Like the 60's and 70's
Like an earthquake tremmor when the dj drop that Nesian style
Like side to side
Like the 60's and 70's
Like an earthquake tremor when the dj drop that Village style
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