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Dancefloor Lyrics

Nesian Mystik – Dancefloor Lyrics

Meet you at the dancefloor
Baby let's pretend
You are my girl and I am your man.

I know it's not for real
But we can groove like
We were lovers
Underneath the moonlight
Just til the end of the song(end of the song)
Where we can go
That's what we were doing before.

When you here this jam
It's time for me and you
We in the middle of the floor
For the rendevous
Nobody else matters in the spot but us
And anybody got a problem
Move to da back of da bus
Aint no fussin
No hidden agendas
No frontin
When it comes to us you know it's pure loving
If it just so happens
To lead to somein somein
Time to leave and tell your friends nuttin.

Chorus x2

Spakin hypofetically
Your out feelin the scene
You got your head down on the floor
Dancing with me
Just a little bit of time that's all it takes
To step to the edge and take the leap of faith
So whenever your ready it's ok
But 3 minutes and 30 seconds come sway my way
Get them to step down to the land of opportunity
Nothing to worry about
Just you and me

Fast foward three years and we still on the floor
But this time it's for real(your my girl)
Matter fact lets be prescise your my wife
Mr dj still holdin down tonight
But thos is the special edition the encore track
Dedicated to the dancefloor pack
Eyes meet together in the centre of the room
But all I c is you

Let me break it on down
Smoothe it out like a slow jam
Take my hand
Coz right now I'm your man

Chorus x4
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