Smiling pumpkins, fake vampire fangs
& paper bats
Tacky spiders, rubber skulls, and plastic sewer rats
I've been a serial killer, had a lucifer costume
Last year I was the wolf man
Howling at the moon
Tonight is my night oh yes indeed
I don't want no candy blood is my treat

Trick trick trick or treat
Open up your door and give me what I need thrill kill holloween I'll show you something that you never of seen
Inflatable coffins, home-made masks of leather fades, alien candleholders,
Even little dolls of Norman Bates
I've been a killer clown a scary mummy too You better watch out tonight I'm comming to get you I'm gonna be so cool when I dress up nice
Put on the perfect makeup For my killer disguise
Chorus- Happy happy holloween hollween holloween(x3)Happy happy holloween chorus
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Trick Or Treat Lyrics

Nekromantix – Trick Or Treat Lyrics