I'm leaving town just wanna get away
From politics, stupid rules& the eternal love war a life of bordom is the price I have to pay
I'm headed in no direction just away from before

That's when the sky turrned jet-black
Eyes are watching me from above
& it ain't bad weather it's a gargoyle attack!
Gargoyles yeah yeah yeah(x3) gargoyles
Gargoyles over Copenhagen Gargoyals yeah yeah yeah(x3)

I'm trying to escape, I'm on the run from these hellsent creatures
They're all over me
Please help me someone dial 911
The invasion has begun this is the end of humanity
Those years of waiting hasn't been in vain
They're leaving their observation posts For the final take over They want world domain
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Gargoyles Over Copenhagen Lyrics

Nekromantix – Gargoyles Over Copenhagen Lyrics