Warning my friend you must go!
Are you even awake? Awake Awaken Awoke
I am sorry I had to wake my sleeping friend
There really is smoke today
How do I explain this to you?
I see red
But not beautiful red like your wings
I see flames
How do I explain this to you?
The smoke is in your eyes. It burns; It stings
I know how that feels; I have felt it too
Just fly away, no time to crawl

If I could I would promise you never another forest fire But I cannot.
Only you God can do that. But would he?
How can I explain to you that fire is sometimes necessary?
But for today, fly away, no time to crawl
I know you will see suffering and it may not stop tomorrow but please just
Go as I ask and I will see you again fly away no time to crawl Fly away no
Time to crawl

You know I want to see you again.

(mostly instrumental)
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Red Speckle Go! Lyrics

Nancy Carol Warrender – Red Speckle Go! Lyrics