I was at the train station the day the big clock fell off the wall
No trains were late. But no people got on.
They just stared at the broken glass and metal rings.

It didn't fall on anyone but a piece of broken glass
Flew through the air and landed in Mr. Greenfield's
Dark herringbone winter coat pocket.

It wasn't young handsome Greenfield
It was old Mr. Greenfield whose hand was cut
Requiring a medic.

Somehow there was glass on the escalator
And the authorities closed the escalator temporarily

Junior from the deli brought the big pushbroom
But the Police were taping the scene
The insurance adjuster and a jeweler were called instead

Everyone knew it was an antique clock and difficult to replace
Everyone in the town was sad that day.
Except for my boss
He wasn't so understanding
That I was late
The day the clock fell off the wall

A year later my boss wrote a safety manual
About falling objects
He won a bonus
For writing about
The day the clock fell off the wall

Off the wall.
I knew it! I knew it would happen.
I knew the clock would fall off the wall.
Clock off the wall.
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Clock Off The Wall Lyrics

Nancy Carol Warrender – Clock Off The Wall Lyrics