I know something
About you
That you don't know

I'm sorry I'm the one
Who has to tell you
Yeah this may make you cry
It's a real tear jerker

It's something from the past
Almost twenty years ago
You were so busy with your friends
And school
Maybe you only saw the signs on the wall

But I remember it
My sister and my 2 brothers
Around the table in our trailer
It was all we talked about

Maybe you weren't home that day
Your father must have been working out of town
Maybe I should have said something then
But you were 5 years older than me
And I was in aahh of you
Until the day I was unpleasantly surprised
By what had happened to you

We should have seen it coming.
We did see it coming!
I swore I would never let that happen to me
My Mom and I we made a pact.
And then my life went on
Though not always good.
And your life went on

And their lives will go on
What a tear jerker.
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A Real Tear Jerker Lyrics

Nancy Carol Warrender – A Real Tear Jerker Lyrics