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I Choose You Lyrics

Mr. Criminal – I Choose You Lyrics

Ha ha ha That's right homie Hit that shit ese Hold that shit down homie Aw
Shit 'Bout to be fucked up home that ain't no bullshit right there G.
That's the bomb holmes Ha! Yeah, hit all that shit ese. Pass that shit
Homie stop hogging it homie. Bust that shit in the background homie Turn it
Up ese I think I wanna bust to some shit like that homie.

I take a Strawberry Swisher Sweet, lick it up, split it down the middle
Empy out tobacco fill it up with Purple Skittles Roll it up, light it up,
Put some smoke in the skies I'm representin' Lil Rob 'cause I'm Barely
Gettin' By Ese I'm ballin', burning that Yeska, couple of pound of that
Chocolate Tye Fools be claimin' that they some smokers but they barely
Getting hi
Got black all on my finger tips, brushin' it off off my fuckin' lips and I
Ain't really tripin' 'cause I'm off on these Marijuana trips Couple of hits
From a couple of splits Got my mind all lost in the mix Purple Grape
Swisher Sweet blunt man I'm lovin' this I grew about 9 or 10 plants up in
My backyard Couple of thousand grams later, Criminal's comin' back hard
My lungs are black tar couple of puffs away from cancer, but I still smoke
Up on that mineral like it was the answer I got the purple Crooked Doctors
If you need a pass Bomber than what you get in the streets, just take a
Look at my glass I'm smokin' on og Cush, Cali Mist and Golden Hash Super
Silver Haze got me daze take a look at my stash
I got a bong that's connected to a mask, slip it over your face for a
Couple of minutes and that's your ass Puff, puff, pass to the left shit
Gets foggy smokin' on dope I suggest you get from 'round here if you do not
Like to smoke "All you do is smoke weed" words from the homie Bone Crusher,
But I just can't give it up 'cause I'm a Buddah lovin' mothafucka
And I love you Mary Jane, baby girl, this right here's for you If I didn't
Have you by my side I don't know what I'd do You light up my life like
Northern Lights when I'm misty blue I'm so in love with you baby, Mary
Jane, I choose you!
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