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Mr Criminal Lyrics

Mr. Criminal – Mr Criminal Lyrics

So snapper you think you got the best from me*
I hope the trigger never releases until you rest in peace or bless me
As I go against these enemies all these maglock bitches tat could rest in
Peace starting with max ese yo wack wanna be pack you gotta be a bitch
Clicking up with the fagget ass trap tie you up like a hostage wrap you up
Like I said how does that shoulder feel leva yeah I know about that into
The 626 I really should'ntwaste my time you made snapper call up the high
Power fan line you fuckin' groupies don't like what I say then fuckin'
Shoot me livin' fiction levas this ain't no mothafuckkinn' movie feel the
Oozy as I exit Sierra cruisingg Fontana lookinn' for these two levas with
Wheels shaped like bananas and when I finally tell your homie to hide I
Shoot em back from t, V. To cali's finest grab the cameras it's a knock out
I shoot for the head put you to bed isn't it sad you gettin' doubt for the
Shit that you said it's snapper's bitch ass used to be from mexican pussy
Riders a party not the sur never kicked it with riders me and my click roll
Daily dawgg is not hard to find us in the tour bus bangin' with the jura
Behindd us even with the strap in your hand I bet you would never would
That's wy the high power campo had to give you the boot even in monte your
Not excepted in their barrio; monte flores say your nothing but a fuckinn'
Sorry hoe you claimm the sgv but in te sgv there's nothing but real gee's
You mothafuckkinn' wanna-be and in the 213 remember that vato's from the
Line almost shot 'cause you thought youu was someonne that you not feel the
Hot rise fuck maglock I bust shots take a shit on your grave as I proceed
The sur watch ese that's wy you got jacked for that black navigator call
Mr. Criminal bitch ass snapper's death instigators your a rata probably
Kick it daily with investigator even when I see you all I support are
Respirator not a gee not respected in the industry ever since the day you
Got knocked out by mr. Dee but nahh you think your hide cruisin' Whittier
Blvd. Until the vato's from the fence had to put your fuckin' car straight
Barefoot walking with no jersey on your back; I never knew a real rider
That would go out like that so here's my plot keep your mouth shut don't
Try to talk treat you like your dvd's I bust no born shot's your a fake
That's wy our shit sits on the shelf the only foo's that bump your shit is
Probably you and yo self you fuckinn' elf comingg shorter than ten midgits
That ain't got no digits with a clicka full of bitches which is the reason
That I'm dissin' yo ass rollin' through the streets of Los homie you get no
Pass and best believe mr. Criminal is quick to blast how did this leva
Turned into a bitch so fast and this is facts ese get your baby teeth
Knocked out criminals mr. Heat when imm high stuck on top now mothafuckas
Know that my ridinn' is without a doubt ese shut yo mouth before you get
Taken out; before I go say goodnight to the bad guy and don't forget to
Wear your loc's and cover up that black eye I gotta end this rap because I
Wanna get high and if your wondering wy criminals dissin' you's a bitch and
That's wy (and that's comin' straight from 100% latino right here) I'm A
High power mothafuckkin' soldier leva!
Pang pang sur up guey
Yeah wy iss... Wy is criminal dissin' me guey?
I don't understand geuy y you dissin' me guey?
We usd to be cool guey; I used too do songs with em' guey
He used to call me and I used to call em guey we used to kick it guey
I don't know wy he did this guey pang pang sur up
Shut the fuck up youu little piece of shit and put the strap in your mouth
(Cop gun) little fuckinn' fagget

Homie I slapped the shit outta snapper homie (And this is what they think
About you) monte flores homie we keep it gangstuh homie you know how we do
It there ain't no snapper from flores ever homie "you vatos like em? " na
Never homie we keep it gangstuh homie from the homie F homie keep it famous
Homie monte flores homie you know how we do it. "so snapper... snapper"
Snapper's a piece you shit thatts what snapper is "oh is that right? He sad
He a gangster he dresses like a gangstuh nah? "homie ain't no gangstuh
Dawgg I slapped the shit outtaa homeboy dawg in san diego ese he remembers
Me he know who the fuck I am monte flores homie
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