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Girl You Blow My Mind Lyrics

Mr. Criminal – Girl You Blow My Mind Lyrics

Criminal, Krayzie
Criminal, Krayzie
Krayzie, Criminal
Krayzie, Criminal
Mr. Criminal and Krayzie Bone

They ain't ready for this, homie
Hey Krayzie
Let the ladies know, homie

Chorus: Krayzie Bone
Girl, you be blowin' my mind (Mind...)
I need you all the time, everyday of my life (Life...)
Some people say it's wrong, but they be feelin' so right
And when we ride (Ride...)
I'm peepin' you girl, I can see you doin' the damn thang
Girl, you get me high (High...)
So come and hop on in the Chevy and get ready to ride
Baby, baby, could you tell me how you get me so right
I'm lovin' you, baby girl, like Rick James love Mary Jane

You keepin' a Criminal hypnotized
The way that you look and the way that you smell, you see that look in my
You got that bomb love, girl
You keepin' a Criminal high
And it's no wonder why
That I'm needing you in my life
Cause when I'm rollin' down the highway with you right by my side
I get a feeling that I never ever felt in my life
It's like I always keep you all in my mind
Even when I'm out, stackin' that paper, roll on the grind
I got a fetish for you, baby girl
No matter where I'm goin'
To work, you know I take you, girl
Because your love
Keeps me lifted
My homies say that I'm
Addicted, hun
But it's all good cause you sick with it
You got that bomb
That keeps a Criminal sprung
And I been that way exactly
Since this all begun
So, uh
Why don't you come
And take a ride with me
Let's get high, baby girl, fly through the sky with me

Repeat Chorus

Ha ha ha ha
That's right, homie
Criminal, Krayzie
Criminal, Krayzie
It's that Bone Thugs, Hi Power collaboration
Krayzie, Criminal
Krayzie, Criminal
Real connected, homie
Criminal, Krayzie
Criminal, Krayzie
You already know
Mr. Criminal and Krayzie Bone

She so s***, she light
My fire, fire, baby (Baby)
And I'm strung
All on her drivin' me Krayzie
She got me
Out of my mind, don't make sense (Make sense)
How I spend
All of my times in my made ends (Made ends)
Baby, got me faded
I'm with 'em, when I'm with my dawgs
I ain't trippin' on what they thinkin', they hatin'
Just cause I ride with you everywhere I go
That's cause I really vibe with ya, with ya, I can go
That's no joke
Keep me slow if I'm crashin' in the fast lane (Fast lane)
I let 'em know who the baddest when they ask me (Ask me)
People often tell me that she bad for my health
But I just can't escape it, their is still from her smell
She keep on callin' me (Me, me)
Anyone sayin' "You addicted," feel it, y'all'll see (See, see)
She [?] me with the stigma to stick Harmony (Harmony)
She keep me lifted, and that's all I need (Need, need)

Repeat Chorus

Ha ha ha ha
That's right
Damn, it feels great
Ha ha ha ha
Mr. Criminal
Krayzie Bone
Hi Power
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
You know we do it
Ha ha ha
Stay connected
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