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Stop Lying Lyrics

MoStack – Stop Lying Lyrics

Niggas wanna lie in their rap
You don't really get out like that
You don't get down like that
I don't really like my man
I don't really trust that yute
You know what? Fuck that yute
I'm gonna knock that yute
My niggas puff that zoot yh yh

All these niggas wanna rap about guns
All these niggas wanna rap about dough
Woah Woah Woah
But they don't really sell cocoa
They don't really let shells go
No No No
You'r dissing her in front of your bros
But in the bedroom your going down low
(What you did what?)
On snapchat screaming bando
Look around boy you're in your damn home
(Nah wait what!?)

You don't ever do them things
Nah brother you don't do them things
(Nah Nah Nah)
Shit, I was on the roads at six when I had to be home by six (Ah yeah yeah yeah)
Nah, I can never run from the paigons nah I can never run from him (New lands Estate)
Cah my niggas only run from the feds and if a ho says she pregnant

I'm out on the roads too late I bet that mummy's getting so worried (So worried)
Cah she heard about some beef in the ends how some niggas tried to roll on we (Click Clack Pow)
Right now I don't trust no one but its cool because Mo's got me (I got myself)
Shit, I can't always trust myself one day I just might rob me (Yeah shits that real)

I'll make a nigga bleed for my blood, If your family you know I got you (Yeah Yeah Yeah)
But if you fuck with them niggas I don't fuck with then sorry I can't fuck with you (No No No)
Don't tell me bloods thicker than water look brudda I don't care about that (I don't give a fuck)
How can I put fam before friends when I see my friends more than my dad (Argh Argh Arghhh!)

You see my niggas chilling on the wall no hellos little nigga just walk (Don't say nothing)
Oi them man are sending bare dumb threats I don't care man its all just talk (Blah Blah Blah)
Oh there's police and there's cuffs on my wrist not again man I'm getting so bored (I hate this shit)
You have the right to remain silent what you say could be used in court (I hate that speech)

All my niggas know is rap trap stack bang bang bang bang bang bang (bang bang bang)
Officer please don't arrest me cause it's not my fault that I'm black (NO NO NO)
I'd be fired from my job every day if I ever worked as a side man (Nah that's not me)
Oi, I don't even like a new face oi Scammz, WHO'S MY MAN?
Yeah Yeah

I've been on my .. All week ohhh I've been on my grind all day (Yeah Yeah)
It's like one week they love then they hate but both fucking weeks I get paid (Yeah Yeah)
Oi I remember when I asked for her whatsapp, She was acting dumb like whats that?
Oi bro I remember when I asked for her number, she was like nah babe its not that
I told her i'll be rich one day
I'm gone' be the shit one day look I'm realer than most young spray I've seen 'nuff guns spray, I'm married to the money my bae, lets have kids everyday
I'm a real villesider
He ain't getting money he's a liar
He ain't bang straps he's a liar
He ain't lie die he's a liar
Nigga stop lying lying
Woah Woah Woah Stop Lying
Stop Lying
Please Stop Lying
Stop Lying
Nobody's dying
Nobody's crying
Heads ain't frying
Somebody's lying
Claiming that he blows straps, I think somebody's lying, I
Think somebody's somebody's Lying
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