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Stop Lying Part 2 Lyrics

MoStack – Stop Lying Part 2 Lyrics

Stop Lying
Too much haters, not enough ammo
Anybody can go, girls hopping low
I'm never let them know when I'm getting gwap
You won't see I ball like Fetty Wap
Won't you come my way, baby won't you come my way
Thinks I like to two shades, I cannot get you outta my brain
Married to the money, my bae
Lets have kids everyday
Shit, I had to give that a replay
Rumours these pagons no like me
Cos modalys been the nigga since the 90's
Giving steam, looking like she's ninety
She’s sixteen but she’s looking like she’s nineteen
These young girls looking grown, you got I.D?

Everyone's the same who's different
Everyone's claiming who's gripping, Who?
You think I give a fuck about you and your thinking
You're just some broke nigga in some new true religion
I feel in love with my stat bitch
She said she feel in love with my ad libs
I know these rap boys just chat shit
That ain't really new just a cat fish
These niggas rapping bout p & q's
Claiming that they squeeze and shoot
I don't believe them yutes, I can't believe them guys
I can't believe them lies
If a Muslim shoots then they say he's just a terrorist
White boy shoots then they claim he's on some heroin
He's just a mad man
I feed my niggas, cos I hate fishing
I swear the feds should get locked up for racism
And gun shot if you ain't women
Should've went to the [?] and stayed in
Long story short them niggas caught me with a weapon
Never had nothing so I had to keep it stepping
And I picked a board and I licked
Where as mo shit the feds just nicked it, for what?
They wanna treat the other guy like he's the victim, what the fuck
I'm thinking oh my days, I just got nick fourth grade
Not another case
I wanna [?] above my head, now the zone out cos the cctv
[?] how I've got gel I don't know how

And then my mum gets a phone call
Yo the kids got thrown out, what?
She said the kids got thrown out, what?
And yo the kids got thrown out, hey yo the kids got thrown out

Yeah I'm living in the best way
Fucked up with the feds calling feds [?]
I remember asking mummy can I get those
Started selling drugs when she said no
Yeah it's mad now I flipped out
I went from listening to Chipmunk and Chris Brown
And now I'm chilling in Chip's house

Yeah I've come down for, I'm just a ganster with banter
All these niggas wanna rap about guns
All these niggas wanna rap about
Blah, blah, blah
But they don't really sell cocoa
They don't really let shells go
Blah, blah, blah
You're dissing her in front of your bros
But in the bedroom your going down low
Ah brother we don't do them things
Ah brother we don't do that nah, nah, nah

Stop lying, blah, blah, blah
Stop lying, blah, blah, blah
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