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Rich Not Famous Lyrics

MoStack – Rich Not Famous Lyrics

A Yo, I'd rather be rich than famous
Rich than famous
I'd rather be hated
Than be the one hating
I'll flip those haters
Flip those haters
Coz one week they hate
Then the next week they love
But both weeks I get papers
See by now I don't trust
Got me feeling J Hus
Coz Dem Boy Paigon
I swear Dem Boy Paigon
A yo, I'd rather be rich than famous
When my me goes flying Heathrow
Just to go to the next vacation
Dem man are coming with that wicked man
Look when I catch you
Don't write statements
It's like one week they hate
Then the next
Look I don't even know what they're name is
Yo, I'd rather be rich than famous

[Verse 1]
Oi, what's them tweets all about
It makes you wanna go outside your house
And boom, boom, bow
I just want a mill in my account
Hundred K, Kinda grab it right
Nah, no byes
We just walk straight out
Yeah, just like that
Hit guns like I punch my man
I might spud, but don't trust my man
She's like nah wait
I love my man
I'm like I hear that it's cool
Nah wait, fuck my man
Moving booky, don't trust us
Come round the corner
And moves bang bang in London
You better run when you hear
Are you dumb bruv?
Ay, pass the ting
Let me done up his bloodclart
Oh, I pray my enemies
Live to see me get rich
And if you go down
You better sky my drink
All the fat girls that love me
I hope you get fit
All the lighties that air me
I hope you get blick
Yeah, blacker than black
Touch me, you must be madder than mad
Mostack, I'll probably bad up your dad
Make the Nigga freeze up
It's like one week
They hate then they love
Both weeks you can suck these nuts
I told this youth
Ease up, he thinks he's getting fame coz
He's with us
Look at this wasteman tryna hitch up
Sideman get crop out the picture
Ay blud, move
About shouting me on Insta


[Verse 2]
So tell them fuck Niggas move from me
Move from me
They ain't nuttin
They can do it for me
Do it for me
Heard these Niggas wanna move to me
Move to me
I got Niggas that will shoot for me
Shoot for me
All my real Niggas stand to the right
And all them fake Niggas stand to the left
Make sure we stay seperated
Coz me and them can never be friends
Nah, me and them can never be cool
Me and them can never be mates
We might talk
But you'll never be bait
Fam I can't move to these hoes
She's like when can I see you
Uh, when I drop a new video
Droppers can't come to my home
I got too many paigons on road
She might deet' my postcode
Rather be rich than broke
Rather be rich than known
Watch me get rich, then blow

Oh Nah Nah Ne Nah Nah Oh
Oh Nah Nah Ne Nah Nah Oh
Rather get rich than blow
Rather buss a flip then go
Might buss a clip then go
Rich then go
Oh Nah Nah Ne Nah Nah Oh
My Niggas might squeeze
Then I go
Niggas know what my name is
I don't even know what you're name is
Rather be rich than famous
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