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Soulhop Lyrics

MoRuf – Soulhop Lyrics

Feeling like a model on the runway
Off the top with it
I'm the type of ninja to pull off all that's not fitted
I'm hella groovy'
Make moves, they acting funny'
Happy Gilmore, I'm sneaking off some'
Jive turkey, turkey hella jive
Shorty wanna girk me, shit, maybe we could vibe, vibe

Such a cool fella, I make it rain like Rihanna's umbrellas
Matter fact, I make it rain like'hella flossy, I'm hella saucy
My flow be killing shit, I'm so'
No offense to jewels, y'all peeping, I'm making grooves
Y'all niggas just Pikachu, I'm tryna catch 'em all
Laxing and macking, just looking blues
Jehovah the witness'everybody trap making trap, this shit is so hot
Feel it in my DNA, shorty hit me up like Moo
Did you go and see him, J? Sorry baby, I was at the crib playing the sax
Last Sunday had a dream about Roberta Flack
'Singing in the back
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