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BuckleUp Lyrics

MoRuf – BuckleUp Lyrics

Can we talk?
Talk with your new girlfriend
I took the whole new
She date
She have time for me
So you mess around to prove a point?
What I just say? Now you have your hands so far of your as, that took you two a few days to notice me
What... I forget to kiss you as like everybody else?
You forgot to be there
That nigh you want to talk about your dad, I was I suppose to do?
If I stayed I wouldn't be start
At least you have your priority straight
I've never ask you to chose
You never had to
I'mma ball play, if anybody knows what that means it should be you
The basketball it's more then you more you can buy, way you 'me?
That sound like the story of my life
Kind of like the nigga thinking twice
Wake it up in the middle of the night
Wanna talk but we getting in a fight
That shit ain't right
It was all cool but I start stopping out
I feel like thi music turn apart
Wana chill but a nigga in the studio
This shit it's difficult but this
Number one I did that
New this shit got real when a
Always keep it G. And no easy
You're my other half
I need you by my side
Sit back, relax and please enjoy this life
Right, right, right
Buckle up the place
How do I know that next time you feel like
Or whatever you not'just run to me
If we gonna be together I will have to be able to trust
I'm not asking us to be together
I'm going though I love of shit right now
Obvious much that you can go through
How you gonna tell me what I'll have time for
I mean whatever I did we can fix this
I don't think so
You don't think so
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