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RealEyes Lyrics

MoRuf – RealEyes Lyrics

I say thanks to the boogie, up jumps the boogie
I'm talkable for down lows'
Chilling with brown hoes, they all up in my woodie
Hoping the sound low so niggas understood me
But tell me what they do, though, homie chill with the'
She always yelling how cool, though, I peep, she higher than Pluto
Oups, I meant Saturn, kill 'em with them patterns
'To me that should be your hazard
Shorty, she be always yapping, yo niggas thinking I'm popping
We chilling but never chopping, they asking me when I'm dropping
Reason? I just stop 'em, then again, probably
I'm like Ozy, my sweater's better than Cosby
'No reason why I'm trusting you, most of the music you put on is real like'
I kill 'em with them raps, I remember '06 and I'm all feeling no abs
In this world sometime I feel I'm trapped
Missed the clock, lean on me, then somebody get me that
Show love to the next brother, shouts out to my ex-lover
I was the best for you, keep it to you, I was a breast lover
'No reason to kill guys, hopefully they smarten up and these midges will realize
Real eyes, real eyes
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