Climbing the mountain no hiker
Living strong no biker
Aint blowing but
I'm still higher
Than you
Life moves on and I'm packing my stuff to travel to
Lames playing games
No clue
Talking up time
Now ya bill is due
Money to the celling
The cups we be filling
At the mall steady spending
Good life is how we living
Yo girl got a feeling
Joker joker no villian
It's past the dark knight
And I'm still killing
So rich people it's supper time
Bad girls it's clapping time
Haters this time is mine
If you back off that's fine
Steady realing ya girl in
Fishing line
The race just started and I'm at the finish line
Which means I'm in first place
Ask ya girl I didn't have to do much
To get to second base
All truth no need for a jury to close this case
Tomorrow is yesterday and today's present
I'm flying your lower than the cement
And when I hit it there's a indent
Critics and the skeptics
Line up in a row
Started from the bottom
Now it's time to glow
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Take Off Lyrics

Mo-Rush – Take Off Lyrics