Red 280 280
That's the cadence I say
Crane got surgery that's why he walked that way
Jr or Junior mint
Junior mint or Wakeford
Nick say "coach can I get in"
"Maybe later" hmm
Think about, take a break or maybe grab a cocktail
Waterford Mott Corsairs
(what the hell?)
Open ya ears maybe you could hear me
Put on ya glasses then you could see me
Too short?
Stand on my money then you could see...
Superman and Ju-lu
To many football players oh yea too!
I'm the man I got so many haters
Give em sum gametime fuel haterade dude
Coach Amy pass me sum pimp juice (yeaa)
The ugly cpach is the mole rat
I guess he a pretty boy, yea coach kat
The funny one yea it's Sak, ha
I'm done enough of that.
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Jghs Football Lyrics

Mo-Rush – Jghs Football Lyrics