First of all it's Fresh Pressure or suicide
Aeroplanes or car
Girls still wanna ride
Let me dive in ya waters, so hows the tide
Me and my girl the new Bonnie and Clyde
My money running on track
Look at it's stride
Got this money a wifey aint hard to find
I'm goin home to a place other rappers never been before
843 studio
Figure it out
Ya bars aint nothing so what you all about?
My money tall
Yo money short or kinda stout
My shirt off the girls out
Mo-Rush bro what you thought
Aeroplanes & Iced't mixtape
What you bought
Sorry I took the spot that you sought
Mr Fill-up-banks
Mr Gas-man Fill-up-tanks
It to the I T to the F P
Talking Dranks Check me out ya know

My nigga Superman
Lance Mckay
Kushed up
Fresh Pressure
Man I live that way
If you aint down then get with it today

I'm pass twilight
An Team Jacob
Got my cake up
Like a baker
If you aint fresh or death man I'll see you later
Respect Stevie and Ray
I'm blind can't see a hater
Wit this money
Temptation is a bitch I hope she catch the hands
She make it one way jus so you can take a glance
You messing with Cinderella broke ass
Forget her shoe she'll still dance
Richie and Lambo rolling trees
Tell the haters get my dick out ya mouth
And breath please
Fp we got the new stuff
Grab ya shirt what's these?
I'm balling ya jus some rookies to me
Yo girl playing hookie for me
A&R's looking for me
Milf's tryin sock it to me
I'm blowing money fast but I aint even got the fan on
Fresh Pressure show girls can't leave us alone

Should I smash Taylor Swift
Or Beyonce
B's the best
That's what they say (Kanye)
Which girl switch the most
Can come my way, everyday
Girls that's what they say
Now listen up drinkers grab ya red cup
Broke girl and pitcher
Get ya change up
After this haters will lose their voice
And wont say much
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BMFresh Lyrics

Mo-Rush – BMFresh Lyrics