My forest was touched with a rainblade
Silence dissected by crying souls
Whisper to me all was faded
Into the grey and woe
Somewhere across this pain I hear her voice
She's laughing me, she's alive
Somewhere beyond the rain is no hope no choice
Awaits at day, at night

Now I'm crying
Seeing your weakness
Seeing your suffering
From now on you lost in shades
Trying to leave this weight so vain

No sound of the trees, seems they sleep
No whisper of the leaves, but only winds are weep
Behold my face, among the shadow branches
Behold the prowling death, from abyss of my darkness

Dying feelings
All except one
Eternal forgiveness

Am I alive or dead, it doesn't matter
Cold world around me
Is only surface of dark mirror
So truth reflecting pain that I"m caused
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When Mirror Cries Lyrics

Mirror Morionis – When Mirror Cries Lyrics