I'm awaken again losing chance to see
My dream has gone on wane and darkness envelop me
I'm awaken again slowly rises from depth
Cold past was lost but turned out to death
Breathe my name in air weeping tonight
For our despair staying at our side, Tiarh

She will be wraith for you always
In your dreams and days
You'll never forget her eyes
Nothing happens twice

In all other realities, I've dug my own graves
To bury myself in every incarnations
To disappear forever
But now I fill it with my dreams
With their cold, fragile corpses
It's over now, only frozen winter streams
Flowing out from their abysmal sources

And I buried myself
Avoid of being torn apart
To forget that
My last hope has been departed
I release you now
Don't answer me
Just walk away
Being free

Still useless to stand on top of a hill
And curse the rising moon
Her ascending - is doomed
So lack of time... too soon
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Graves Filled With My Dreams Lyrics

Mirror Morionis – Graves Filled With My Dreams Lyrics