Light was so pale
Faded all that was
So weightless frozen veil
Between life and loss
Walking by this way
Bewildered in a dead end
Now I'm buried and throw away
On my frozen wasteland
My inner waste

Only rime on a hands you see
I'm nailed to a cross with my misery... Misery

Thousand miles of scorched lands
And empty barren plains
I reap I sowed with my hands
One more fail and one again
Oh my inner world
The way to you lies ahead
Across this ashes cold
And tears that turned to red
My inner waste

Snow will cover my grave
Erase from tombstone my name
Nothing can be saved
Just only put out the flames

Let it end and nothing will remain
Intentions turned to dust
Almost there and I prepare to leave, this world
I'm gone, at last
Belongs I'm waste
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Inner Waste Lyrics

Mirror Morionis – Inner Waste Lyrics