Ever since I saw my future in your eyes
A smile that would even wake a dying man
Healed me with that voice of yours
Touched me deeper than I would ever imagine it
I'm trembling while this pen tries to keep the words intact
No words can really explain what's in my chest
No harm will ever come to you
When I whisper, you'll be forever safe with me
Can you hear me calling?
Reaching out for you
Much like the trees need the wind
To dry them from the rain
I need you so
Here, dry me
An arrow is been shot, straight into my heart
What can I do, I worship you
A sorceress way of making me fall for her
I wont fight this spell
It feels much to good

"And so now I declare you man and wife, you may kiss the bride"

This ring on your finger is for eternity
We're dancing in a world full of flowers to our song
These vows I promise to fulfill
All you want, all you need in your life
Hear when I whisper your name...
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When I Whisper Lyrics

Mind's Eye – When I Whisper Lyrics