The demon has watched me with one eye
What's hiding behind the other?
Another betrayal, another pain?

The ones that you trust will watch your back
Are often the greatest stabbers
Possession of anger makes them bleed for more jealousy

All ethics and morals we were taught
Differ far from those today.
The devil is rubbing both his hands,
Proud of what he's accomplished.

All rotten,
Those sacred rules.

In a world of fools.

A goblet of fire has been thrown
The dragon is sighing sadly
No one is reacting anymore...

The knights are returning all their swords
No reason to keep on fighting
The order that rules the world is evil and meaningless

All ethics and morals we were taught...

All rotten...

Where can I search to find
All the good left behind
When there's no truth in anyone?

Children living today,
Which rules will they obey when all the teachers start to fail?

All rotten...

Where have they gone... those rules?
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Sacred Rules Lyrics

Mind's Eye – Sacred Rules Lyrics