Patience my heart
Don't rush in
Let this hunger forsake
All that evil that waits courageous
Her body is the temple
I must enter
As an armoured poet crawling under the wires left by her

Say, you can hear them
Black doves sing for you
As the rhythm starts again
Drums awake these tombs
Resurrection for the dead
A Creole distant gloom

You can never own me
Like you own the desert
You can never burn me
As if you where the sun
You will never possess me like your own
Sahara in an hourglass

Reason with me (contradictions again)
Humor me
If it's dry as this ink, made by queens for their kings, heads will roll
Frozen by words (No answer so cold)
Howling winds (heading north)
A creation supreme for the blind and the week, pyramid

Say, you can hear them...

You can never own me...

What if redemption was an art for the damned
The opposite reflection showing us our true sense

You can never own me... (I can't carry this weight)
You can never burn me... (It's too heavy for me, I've seen too much)
Sahara, Sahara, Sahara... you dry my eyes
In an hourglass
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Sahara In An Hourglass Lyrics

Mind's Eye – Sahara In An Hourglass Lyrics